Products and Introduction


New energy heating stover

Product's dimension:  645 x 335 x 1100 mm (length,width and height)
Product's net weight: 100 Kg
Warming area: 50-300 M2

Fuel consumption:1.1 kg/h

Rated operating voltage: 220V/AC

Normal operating voltage: 185-240V/AC

Fan's power output: Power is not greater than 200W at 220V/AC

Heating’s power output: Power is not greater than 100W at 220V/AC

Water circulation pump's power output: Power is not greater than 300W at 220V/AC

Electromagnetic pump/Solenoid's power output: Power is not greater then 100W at 220V/AC

1) Intelligent automation

This intelligent product achieves automatic heating. It can make the heating temperature constant in a range between 40-55℃. That is, when the heating water temperature is lower than 40℃, the combustion engine starts to work until the heating water temperature reaches 55℃, then it will stop automatically, and the heating cycle is repeated and a constant temperature is reached.


2) Features

A. The heating mode of this product, when the machine is always in working state, and when the water temperature is higher than 85 ℃, the control system automatically starts the        protection function to stop the gas turbine. The fire power is divided into three levels of regulation (+ - for regulation), and the three levels are the maximum.

B. This product uses methanol as the base fuel, which has the characteristics of high oxygen content and no pollution.

C. This product structure is designed reasonably, easy to maintain. No dead ends. Intelligent security protection system, ensure that the furnace is free form safety hazards.


3) Scope of use

Suitable for home heating, restaurants, shops, small and medium-sized office space, heating range can reach 50-300 M2.


Quantum motor vehicle fuel-saving purifier

1) Product's description

Quantum motor vehicle fuel-saving purifier is a new generation of super-fuel-efficient products for carbon purification emission from fuel vehicles. It is based on the basic principles of quantum mechanics. Application of liquid molecular cluster energy structure improvement technology, Micro-disturbing resonance energy field by generating periodic changes on pipelines, improved energy-level structure for fuel, reduces fuel viscosity and vaporization heat. Increase the combustion value of the fuel, reducing soot emissions, prevents carbon build-up from electric vehicles, reduce noise, and the ultimate purpose is to extend the life of the engine.

2) Features

   full combustion, fuel saving, soot reduction, full power, extended life, easy installation



Polution soot (%)

CO (%)


Before installation




After Installation




Precentage Improve




3) Product's effects

3.1 Reducing pollution soot

3.2 Fuel saving

Average Speed (Km/h)

fuel consumption (L/100km)

Before installation



After Installation



Precentage Improve


4) Product installation

The fuel pipe finishing is smooth. The groove on two halves of the quantum motor vehicle fuel-saving purifier. Secure the quantum motor vehicle fuel-saving purifier with screws.

5) Precautions

  • Increased the percentage of fuel saving and vehicle performance,vehicle conditions,road condition,driving habits,air conditioning and maintenance and so on. So, it's important to keep the car in good performance. Develop the right driving habits.

  • If the idle speed is raised after the installation of the fuel saver, the idle speed must be adjusted to the normal economic operation range. Base on the principle of smooth engine operation, no jitter, flame is constant.

  • After half a month of operation, if the feeling of power is significantly reduced, it is likely that the spark plug is over heated and aging caused by poor air grid,New spark plugs and air grids should be replaced in a timely manner.

  • After installing the fuel saver for a period of time, if the effect is felt to drop, or even the exhaust emissions become worse. In general, the engine is removing internal carbon build-up, so you won't feel the fuel-saving effect, it even affects the gas emissions at the exhaust. But these are temporary phenomena, the internal carbon build-up of the engine will gradually recover after the clean-up compound fuel saving and environmental protection are effective.

Quantum Antiscaling & Descaling System

1) Product features

Not using any chemical method, protect equipments from corrosion。

Not any poison materials were used, guarantee water from pollution。

Automatic operation of the system all year round requires no manual maintenance and running costs。

Adapt to different water temperatures adapt to various sites。

Instant scale prevention and fast descaling。

2)Core technologies:

Working mechanism: based on the basic principles of quantum mechanics, applying the channel coupling quantum mechanics theory and the atomic and molecular multi-body perturbation resonance principle, a quantum scale remover and scale inhibitor is designed on the basis of the "technology for improving the energy structure of liquid molecular clusters".  The product improves the energy level structure of the water cluster cluster by generating a periodically changing perturbation resonance energy field, so that the energy level structure of the cluster transitions from a low-energy state to a metastable high-energy state, so that the physical properties of water are changed, thereby achieving the effects of enhancing the activity of water, reducing the viscosity of water, increasing the solubility of water to calcium carbonate, finally realizing the aims of descaling and preventing scale and saving energy.

3) Product model number



1) Technical performance and structural characteristics

   1.Light oil burner
   2.Single/Tow-stage operation (high/low fire)

   3.High pressure mechanical atomisation of fuel using nozzie

   4.Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating combustion           air and blast-pipe

   5.Maintenance facilitated

   6.Air flow regulation for first and second stage by means of hydraulic           regulator

   7.One flange and one insulating seal for boiler fastening

   8.Combustion air intake with air flow adjustment device

   9.Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt to head protrusion of the               various types of boilers

   10.Adjustable combustion head with steel blast pipe and flame plate

   11.Three-phase electric motor to run fan and pump

   12.Flame presence check by photoresistance

   13.Electrical plant protection rating IP40

2) Functional characteristics
   1. This product uses methanol as the basic fuel, which can achieve the                 combustion emission without pollution, and has the remarkable characteristics

      of high heat energy, green environmental protection, etc.
   2. This product has many safety protection technologies, which can better             protect boilers and burners.

3) Scope of use
   This product is widely used in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, hotels       and other large centralized heating boilers.

4) Product model number 


Combustion machine

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