Company Profile

Social responsibility

Marsbox founded in 21st century of Hong Kong, Marsbox Energy Holdings Limited (Marsbox Holdings) is an integrated global enterprises and has business around the world.


Marsbox has been committed to energy development, energy-efficient products, business is engaged in diversification.


Marsbox insists on advocating energy-saving, environment protection, enterprises employs a number of professional researchers, research and development series: Automation ECO-friendly heating boiler, energy-saving electric heating furnace, quantum motor vehicle fuel-saving purifier, quantum descaling and anti-scaling device.  Product’s raw materials used: Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China, etc. Products are exporting to Europe and the United States, Russia, Mongolia.


Marsbox has a professional research and development team and a strong after-sales service team, and has won a number of awards and honors!


Products are widely used in: home/Industrial boiler heating, gasoline/diesel/natural gas motor vehicle fuel saving, power boost, removal of carbon accumulation, hot and cold water cycle descaling and anti-scaling effect.

“Green nature, energy-saving and environmental protection, harmonious society” is the trend of social development in the 21st century, as an advocate and leader in energy-saving and environmental protection industry. Marsbox has been manufacturing high-quality energy-saving and environmental protection and energy-saving purposes for users.